Feb 19, 2007

It's Been A While...

Had a few guests over this past month, first were the D'Amato's...it was fun, we managed to visit the Galarza's for the first time also. The baby's a cutie. Then we met up with Steph & JP who are in town. We went to the Everglades one day and had a great time, despite my camera battery dying after seeing the first alligator. Next time people come over, it's definitely a must-do, seeing wildlife is just the most relaxing thing. We saw over 45 alligators (I know because my mom kept count-ha ha) and we got pretty darn close to them too. We did the trails where you walk on an elevated pier, but next time I'm definitely going to do the boat ride. After that, we hit this winery (Schnebly Winery) that makes wine from tropical fruits - no grapes. Taste testing was fun, and my favorite turned out to be the Mango one (surprise surprise). It's smooth and the taste of alcohol is almost undetectable. (Uh-oh). We didn't have time to do the Orchid farm or the Bonsai farm, but it's definitely a spot to hit next time as I LOVE orchids.

Grey Heron (above)

We got even closer than this, after this shot, my camera died.


Gata said...

All those things you mentioned, the Orchids, Bonsai and the winery...I think I've made an itinerary for my next trip to Florida! (whenever that is)

.:.marie.:. said...

And you forgot the Japanese Garden! I think it was Morikama or something?

BonBon said...

Pretty pictures!
I really liked the pineapple wine from Hawaii; it was better to me than grape wine (I'm so not a wine connoisseur). I'd love to try mango wine. Now technically, can these drinks even be called wine as they're not products of a vine?
Anyways...sounds like you guys had some nice times.

Gata said...

Can California champagne really be called champagne?

I think other fruit "wines" are better than grape...maybe because they haven't given me migraines yet.