May 11, 2012

Invisalign - Day 3

Woke up feeling MUCH better! And when I snapped my trays back in after brushing in the morning, I found they were a bit easier to snap on!  I'm still salivating more, but it's less than before, so I'm happy about that.  I also find myself not focusing on thinking of it being inside.

I'm still having trouble speaking....and it's making me self conscious.  I heard you have to keep practicing speaking to learn how to speak w/o lisping.  And I'm also not smiling as big because of the stupid bubbles in the Invisalign that accommodate for the attachment bumps they never tell you about!!!  Except for my teeth looking shiny, you would never know if it weren't for those darn bumps.  That's a big annoyance.  One lady at the Orthodontist office told me if I were going out for an evening, to just leave them home and don't even worry about putting them in.  Ha!  What does it matter?  I leave them home, and I have Klingon looking teeth...okay it's not that bad, but nobody's natural teeth have bumps on them.  I can imagine some rocker people might start wanting to attach spike-like things to their teeth...

Here's what they look like, and no these are NOT my teeth.  And I think these actually look MUCH nicer than mine.  The plastic just emphasizes it even more.

So yeah, if you are considering Invisalign, just know, NOTHING is invisible!  Unless you have the behind the teeth thing.  Oh well.

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