Jan 5, 2006

Come on over for a "Raclette" Party!

Last night I went over someone's house for dinner...and had a special treat.

After we had our appetizer of bread, tomato salad (I know Cathy's gagging right now), and mixed vegetables, an interesting contraption was placed before us in the center of the table.

It was called a "Raclette Grill" and it is used for grilling vegetables and potatoes on the top, and on the bottom it comes with little trays used to place a chunk of yummy "raclette" cheese that melts to a cheesy perfection. After the cheese has melted, you scrape it off and place it on top of your fresh ham cold cuts, potatoes and vegetables or any favorite item. It is fantastic, and SO entertaining!

It is so much fun...we have got to do one soon!

Here's a link to a site that sells them:



Gata said...

Oh my goodness, memories! I went to a Racklette Party back in 1994, in Liverpool. It was so much fun, one of the highlights of those 4 days in Liverpool (besides the private cab tour Pam and I got to have of Beatles sites).

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

We use to have a raclette grill but never got to use it because it was from France and we never got it transformed. It is Great for entertaining. Of course leave it to the French to devise such a thing. Viva la France! I'm glad they have it here now...thanks for the link.