Jan 25, 2006

One Thai Restaurant

We went to this Thai restaurant that was close by yesterday in Palm Beach Gardens. After going, we called it the "One Time Restaurant" because we are not ever going there again!

It really should have been called "One Thai-nese Restaurant" because the food looked like Chinese. The appetizer was wonton soup - go figure!

I am such a food snob...Hey, any job openings at Zagat? LOL


Gata said...

I guess you're not Thai-d to that restaurant...

.:.marie.:. said...

Ha ha ha! I guess I'm not!

I'm so spoiled, you have no idea.

I want my Thai Pavilion!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Well we are glad that you can pre taste all the offerings out there to pave the way for visitors ;) One thing about living in NY is you get to know good authentic food. When we were in Colorado we went for Chinese ordered noodles and got spagetti.
You should send them a package from thai pavillion maybe they don't know Thai food?
Where r u? thought u were coming back to Ny on tuesday?

.:.marie.:. said...

We extended our stay. We came back on Tuesday evening at 9:30pm. So we couldn't make the mtg.

BonBon said...

Mmm..I'm getting hungry for some Thai Pavilion!