Jan 9, 2006

I'm going to Florida next week for a couple of days and I am looking for places on the web to book a chartered boat. It's going to be just Anthony and I, so we would have to split a trip with other people. Or maybe I'll meet people on Sunday who know of a cheap but good charter and could possibly join us. I'd probably book only half a day.

Last time I went fishing, I spent most of the time on the wrong side of the boat - the people on the other side were catching things left and right. I have to say, catching a fish for me is one of the best feelings in the world. The feeling of something tugging at your line...what can I say, I'm hooked. Ha ha ha. Forgive the pun.

Here's two cool sites I found:

Ultimate Sport Fishing

SailKing.com - I spoke to this guy and he grew up in Bayside, Queens but has been living in Jupiter for 10 years now. He said around this time you'll see a lot of Dolphins, Sea Turtles and Manatees! His rate is a little high, but there is a max of 4 persons allowed so you could split the charter. It's a lot different from the 40+ people charters I'm used to, so you could imagine the personal attention. He also does kite fishing and a lot of other cool things.

I am looking forward to the warm weather and a bit of relaxation. Last time, when Cathy came, I dragged her through curtain buying. I put a few up that are temporary, but they look nice anyway. This time I'm going to get blinds (easy way out, a no brainer) on the 2 guest rooms and also in the loft area which will eventually serve as an office/sitting room. Then all I'll have to worry about is my bedroom curtains. I have to leave that for last, since I'll have to furnish it first and decide on the colors. I want to paint my room blue...but I dont think it will happen during this visit. I will also get to retrieve my digital camera which I left there. I felt so naked without it.


ass2006 said...
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ass2006 said...
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k said...

fishing is really really fun, though some parts of it (live bait, witnessing the filleting, pulling out the hook) gross me out. it is relaxing though just being on the water.

have fun.

Gata said...

I'd rather be curtain shopping than fishing...not for animal issues but because of my sad seasickness.