Jan 19, 2006

Dear Diary...

I have a diary, well, not really a diary of everyday things. But a collection of scribbled passages through stormy nights, of days of pain, sentences, pleas, a cry to no one. It's a form of being your own therapist, and getting things off your chest. They say that's why women live longer. They cry.

I need to take the time out to write about the good things that are in my life, so that I don't always focus on the bad. It's hard, but I need to appreciate. We all need to stop and appreciate life - even if it is sometimes unbearable at times.

I admired Stephanie's list of good moments of the past year. I need to do the same.

Hey, maybe one day I can get together with Cathy, and make a compilation of all our silly videos that will make me laugh. What do you think, Cat? We need to archive our stuff/crap on DVD. In FL, I have the DVD recorder/player that we got from Costco. Let me know.


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Since I was about 9 I've kept a diary. It's helped me stay normal;)
The best therapist becaue its free.
*Had you not read my first thoughts on the year?- It was all the negative happenings...

cry on...and know u always have other girlfriends who can join ya.

Gata said...

I've kept a diary since, well, wow, 22 years! (Please don't do the math, folks. I'll just tell everyone I was writing since I came out of the womb...)

It is the best outlet, though sometimes it is hard to go back and read passages from the past. Still, since I can't draw or paint or whatever, some form of expression was necessary.

And yes, video compilation time...but editing is severely in order!