Jan 12, 2006

In The Words of Catherine: BLORG!

I have the stomach virus. Unfortunately it's true. I discovered it after eating dinner last night. My stomach was gurgly and I felt really unsettled. I "purged" and then not long after me, Anthony was soon to follow. We didn't sleep all night.

All day I was plagued with body cramps. Anthony has it worse than I do. That's because I've had so many stomach virus' in my life, that my body is unfazed.

Well, I'm off to work tomorrow! Good thing it's Friday! I'm being sent to the mall to have some of our products engraved. Doesn't seem like such a bad errand to run...going to Roosevelt Field! But I promise, I won't do any shopping. I will stand by the little booth and wait patiently while he engraves them all. (Wink, wink) My boss looked leary at the mention of sending me there, but he really had no choice. Sending a girl to the mall, oh boy. Hold me back.

Oh my goodness, I went to spell check this post and for some reason everything I typed disappeared. I went nuts...that is, until I saw the "Recover Post" link inconspicuously underneath the buttons. Whew! Cool feature! In the future I will always save as draft....


k said...

blech. stomach ailments are the worst. hope you feel better (though the mall should be the perfect antidote).

.:.marie.:. said...

Thanks Kristina...I'm actually feeling a lot better today!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

So does he hold your hair?

Then again he was too busy himself.

Gata said...

Throwing up and shopping...sounds like a fashionista memoir!